"I/O error on connection" problem. MailScanner related?

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jul 19 19:41:36 IST 2006

On Wed19 Jul 06, at 18:43, Chris W. Parker wrote:

> Hello,
> A user complained to me today that some of her customers are not
> receiving her emails and vice versa (she is not able to receive  
> theirs).
> I've noticed that I get these messages in the logs at least once
> everyday from different hosts.
> I've searched and searched on this and haven't found any kind of
> concrete resolution to it. One strange thing about the posts I find on
> this are that they're generally all old. Late nineties mostly.  
> Dunno if
> that means anything...
> So, could this be related to MailScanner in that MailScanner is  
> putting
> too high a load on my box and therefore these errors are generated. I
> see that ClamAV and BitDefender really use a lot of cpu.
> Not really sure how to investigate this so any advice would be much
> appreciated.

The "uptime" load averages (also printed by "top") are a vague  
indication of system load, but don't worry if these are much greater  
than 1. If they are less than 1 then your system definitely isn't  
loaded. Check your sendmail settings in /etc/mail/sendmail.cf. Look  
for QueueLA and other load averages limits (which all contain LA in  
their name). It's usually worth increasing them as MailScanner can  
push the load average up to 15 quite easily when fully loaded and  
working nicely. So don't start refusing messages until the load  
average is really quite high.
The virus scanners should only use CPU very briefly, they usually  
aren't significant at all in the load of MailScanner. Try switching  
off the biggies such as SpamAssassin and see how it speeds up.

> Thanks,
> Chris.
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