Upgrade -- Shirt

James R. Stevens jstevens at athensdistributing.com
Wed Jul 19 18:05:21 IST 2006

Two questions, One stone. (Sorry if one is a little odd)


Current setup: RH 9


Sendmail 8.12.8-9

Mailscanner 4.29.7-1

Spam assassin 2.63

ClamAV 0.88.2

MySQL 3.23.58-1.9

MailWatch 0.5.1


1) I am ready to upgrade MailScanner and Mailwatch to gain some
functionality and reporting within the two, Should we upgrade through
the different versions on our way to the current release OR can we
upgrade straight to the current release? 


2) We hail from USA, Nashville TN. When trying to order some MailScanner
PoloT's (The nice ones) there is no currency converter to US dollars,
also My Creditcard info wont take because the address info (US address)
isn't correct. How does a US resident order some polo T's?


Lost in the shadow of chaos...


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