A Few Post Install Questions

Ken A ka at pacific.net
Wed Jul 19 17:46:58 IST 2006

Phillip Udel wrote:
> I finished the install in production and it was really smooth to set up.  :)
> So I have a few setup questions I thought I would ask the group.
> Currently I am running a 5 for Spam Actions and I quarantine them and a 9
> for the High Scoring Spam Actions witch are deleted. This might be hard to
> answer, but would that be a normal setup for a company?

Depends on the company. We tag, deliver, attachment {SPAM}, but we are 
an ISP (who does email for companies too). You _will_ see some 
legitimate email quarantined and possibly some deleted at those levels. 
You might want to set the delete threshold to a higher value (15 or so), 
especially if you are quarantining spam, at least for a few months to 
see what your false positive rates are. In the worst case, you'll end up 
with a very large quarantine, but that should tell your boss that your 
system is catching LOTS of spam!

> Would it be unwise to push up the Spam score on RCVD_IN_BL_SPAMCOP_NET  and
> a few other list servers to something like 15 to force the mail into a high
> score and force the delete?  I figure if they are in the lists then I don't
> need them.

If you are going to do that, then you might as well run the RBL checks 
in your MTA instead and send back an error on connect instead of 
deleting mail.
Ken A

> I have installed MailWatch for the first time,  and I really like it.  But I
> did have a concern with the Whitelist/blacklist. It seems less functional
> then the normal tables and it does not look like it supports wildcards. Is
> that truly a disadvantage?   
> Currently I have MCP Checks set to no in the MailScanner.Conf but in the
> mail log I see this message:
> Jul 19 12:03:54 cat MailScanner[30088]: MCP Checks completed at 1389073
> bytes per second Is that normal?
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