A Few Post Install Questions

Mike Kercher mike at vesol.com
Wed Jul 19 17:32:45 IST 2006

mailscanner-bounces at lists.mailscanner.info <> scribbled on :

> I finished the install in production and it was really smooth
> to set up.  :) So I have a few setup questions I thought I
> would ask the group.
> Currently I am running a 5 for Spam Actions and I quarantine
> them and a 9 for the High Scoring Spam Actions witch are
> deleted. This might be hard to answer, but would that be a
> normal setup for a company?
> Would it be unwise to push up the Spam score on
> RCVD_IN_BL_SPAMCOP_NET  and a few other list servers to
> something like 15 to force the mail into a high score and
> force the delete?  I figure if they are in the lists then I
> don't need them.
> I have installed MailWatch for the first time,  and I really
> like it.  But I did have a concern with the
> Whitelist/blacklist. It seems less functional then the normal
> tables and it does not look like it supports wildcards. Is
> that truly a disadvantage?
> Currently I have MCP Checks set to no in the MailScanner.Conf
> but in the mail log I see this message:
> Jul 19 12:03:54 cat MailScanner[30088]: MCP Checks completed
> at 1389073 bytes per second Is that normal?
> Phillip Udel
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I have 5.7 as my spam threshold and I delete at 10.  I wouldn't bump the
spamcop score up and it can be somewhat unreliable.


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