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Ken A ka at
Tue Jul 18 21:36:55 IST 2006

Maybe I'm just being dense, but I don't see how this would work.

For example, if userA wants IN_CN (some S.A rule) to be scored at 0.00 
and userB wants IN_CN to be scored at 2.5, how would I go about writing 
a .rules file using Required SpamAssassin Score to achieve this?

The nearest I can come is this hack...assuming there was a rule called 
IN_CN and it's score was 1.5 by default.

Required SpamAssassin Score = %rules_dir%/sa.rules.rules

# sa.rules.rules file
# subtract 1.5 for userA
From	*.cn	AND	To	userA	4.0
# add 1.0 for userB
From	*.cn	AND	To	userB	7.5
default					6.5

What am I missing?

I want to write:

userA	IN_CN	0.00
userB	IN_CN	2.50

This is better, since it can work for all kinds of rules.

Ken A.

Julian Field wrote:
> As I said earlier, use a ruleset with the Required SpamAssassin Score 
> setting.
> On Tue18 Jul 06, at 16:16, Ken A wrote:
>> Dhawal Doshy wrote:
>>> Ken A wrote:
>>>> I know you just got back from vacation, so please take it easy and 
>>>> file this somewhere deep in the pile.. :-)
>>>> Per user S.A. scores would be nice. There are times when 
>>>> whitelisting isn't enough, especially as mail from .CN continues to 
>>>> be both very spammy and increasingly more necessary for business. :-\
>>> Ken, have a look at the '' from the mailwatch 
>>> project.. you do not have to use mailwatch to use this module unless 
>>> you need a front-end to manage the scores.. even if you use the 
>>> front-end you do not have to use the SQL Logging function from 
>>> mailwatch, which tends to get resource hungry.
>> This looks to be an SQL implementation of a .rules file, and very 
>> handy for building front-ends to manage the HIGH/LOW spam thresholds, 
>> but not really what I'm looking for. I want to be able to set per user 
>> scores on every rule in SA, similar to what's possible using SA alone.
>> The Mail::SpamAssassin API allows an optional $userprefs_filename 
>> parameter that contains the path to a per user S.A. prefs file, but 
>> I'm not sure what would be involved in using this with MailScanner, or 
>> if it's even possible with MailScanner.
>> Thanks,
>> Ken A.
>> Pacific.Net
>>> There is also a per-user / per-domain blacklist/whitelist module 
>>> available if you require one.
>>> - dhawal
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Ken A.
>>>> Pacific.Net
>>>> Julian Field wrote:
>>>>> Any of you got any features which you really need?
>>>>> I don't guarantee to implement them, or even consider them :-)
>>>>> Anything you don't like, anything you particularly like (gratitude 
>>>>> is always welcome :-) I'm a right sucker for it :-)
>>>>> At the moment there aren't any features people want, other than a 
>>>>> 200% speed improvement which I've done my best for in the past.
>>>>> Don't ignore anything you have asked for in the past, consider them 
>>>>> forgotten :-(
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Jules.
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