[Fwd: Postfix 2.3 stable release available]

Drew Marshall drew at themarshalls.co.uk
Sat Jul 15 09:57:11 IST 2006

On 15 Jul 2006, at 01:25, Nick Smith wrote:
> Well, in addition to the good stuff listed in the release
> announcement, there is the
> not-quite-so-good-and-potentially-very-alarming-stuff mentioned here:
> http://archives.neohapsis.com/archives/postfix/2006-06/0345.html
> IMPORTANT NOTICE. Once milter support is added to Postfix 2.3  
> production
> snapshots and later appears in the 2.3.0 production release,  
> versions of
> MailScanner designed for ALL earlier versions of Postfix will  
> corrupt mail (not just sometimes as they do now).
> DO NOT use Mailscanner implementations for earlier Postfix releases  
> with
> Postfix 2.3. It was always discouraged, now it is definitely outright
> broken. You have been warned.
> I really don't want to fan any flames, but at the same time I'd like
> to know exactly how worried to be about statements like this. Speaking
> personally, I have yet to see a single issue (up to 2.2.10) caused by
> MailScanner manipulating Postfix queue files (~350k messages per day),
> but that is not to say that problems have never been caused (eg as
> referred by the OP from the thread above)
> I'd very much like to look at milter-ahead or something similar to cut
> down accepting messages to unknown users. Is there any genuine reason
> to believe that MS 4.54.5 will cause mass destruction as implied here?

OK first things first, you don't need milter ahead as this  
functionality is built in to Postfix natively http://www.postfix.org/ 

Secondly, I am running 2.3 rc3 and as of this moment I am see no  
problems with any corrupt mail but who knows what the future brings  
when Wietse brings in message altering milter support. All we can do  
it try it and see! I suspect that as MailScanner now uses the hold  
queue, which is a form of approved interface to Postfix (IMHO) it is  
unlikely to break but we shall see...


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