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Just add lines like

FromOrTo: boss1 at
FromOrTo: boss2 at
FromOrTo: default mailarchive at

On Fri14 Jul 06, at 01:20, John Rowan wrote:

> Having reviewed the Mail Scanner message thread archives from  
> January - July 2006 I have been able to configure my client's  
> system to place a copy of all inbound / outbound email into the  
> mailarchive user account.  I use the archive.rule stating FromOrTo:  
> default   mailarchive at
> Now that that works "management" has stated that they want their  
> email excluded from the archiving rule.  Management by the way are  
> the owners of this private company so they do as they please.  If  
> you are going to advise me to tell them what they are doing is  
> wrong, please don't bother.  They are not receptive to being  
> "advised" how to run their company.
> So with that said, how do I configure the rule to archive everyone  
> excluding specific email addresses?
> <rowan.vcf>
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