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Matt Kettler mkettler at evi-inc.com
Thu Jul 13 19:48:57 IST 2006

Phillip Udel wrote:
> Ya.  I agree that this is not the best idea.   But as an example.  
> We sell Trucks in our spare time.   Well, one customer tried to answer the
> add but was blocked.   Lol.  She was blocked because she was emailing from
> the Ukraine and I have almost all Ukraine IP blocked.
> It would be nice to have a web page that either I or my Users could send
> them to be unblocked. 

Ahh TMDA type "catch and release" systems... trying to make your spam into SEP
(Someone Else's Problem).

I always take the approach that if I get a TMDA or similar "is this nonspam?"

 If I actually sent mail, I refuse to release it.
 If I did not actually send the mail, I do release it.

Which is of course the exact opposite of what the sender hoped I would do, but
why would they trust me to make such judgments in the first place?

In this kind of system what you're fundamentally doing is trying to use someone
else as your spam filter.

In the case of nonspam, you're making legitimate users jump through hoops. They
have to "filter" their mail into the nonspam folder for you. How many users are
going to consider you important enough to be worth the extra effort?

In the case of spam, you're spamming a innocent third party with your request ,
possibly irritating them, and then trusting them to 'do the right thing' and not
release the message. (I do consider these notices spam, like it or not, and I
adjust my impressions of the sending site accordingly. I don't do business with
spammers. Ever.)

Do yourself a favor. Rather than trying to foist your problems on everyone else,
fix your spam filter to not block them in the first place.

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