Problem with Debian, Postfix and mailscanner

Chris Green chrisgreen at
Tue Jul 11 12:04:45 IST 2006

Martin wrote:
>Paul A Brown wrote:
>>Hi guys
>>  I recently installed the latest stable release of Mailscanner. I am 
>>running Sarge debian and postfix
>>  The setup seems to work well except for one oddity.
>>  I have to restart mailscanner before mail will be processed from the 
>>'hold' queue
>>  Any ideas?
>I'm not sure what's wrong with your setup, but i followed this guide to set 
>it up on debian:
>I've installed it two machines following the guide above, no problems at 
>all. Follow the steps and see if something have been missed (permissions 
>/ Martin
Me too, but that configuration chews up emails on a periodic basis - maybe 
one email in every 5,000 received. Julian gave me some advice which you can 
find if you search the archives for "Body text garbled" on the archives 
around June 4th/5th this year.



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