MailScanner headers in quarantined messages (MailScanner and Exim)

Blane Bramble blane at
Fri Jul 7 10:59:42 IST 2006

Martin Hepworth wrote:
> Blane Bramble wrote:
>> Hi, I'm just setting up a test machine with MailScanner on - and so far
>> it's going pretty well. However I have a question about how the
>> quarantine process works - I have it set up to create quarantine files
>> in queue format so they can be easily released, but when I examine
>> messages that have been quarantined they have no additional MailScanner
>> headers. Is this the expected behaviour - and if so, is there any way to
>> change it the headers will be added so I can see why the message was
>> quarantined?
> Blane
> yes - the messages stored in quarantine are as near to as  the came into
> the system as is possible. This is deliberate so you can get at the
> 'raw' information before any potential 'breaking' occurred.
> May I suggest you look at reporting packages like MailWatch for
> Mailscanner which will give you a html interface to see why the message
> wasn't delivered...

Thought that was probably the case - looking into MailWatch at the
moment. It would be nice if there was an option to maybe store the
additional header information in the quarantine directory somewhere though.

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