Another call for improvements

shuttlebox shuttlebox at
Thu Jul 6 16:04:47 IST 2006

On 7/6/06, Rodney Green <rgreen at> wrote:
> Hello. I know this thread is over a month old but I'm still in need of
> clarification. I've setup the Archive Mail parameter to point to an
> archive rules file that archives mail from or to local users to a mbx
> style file for each user. If I open up my archive file for my account
> spam is indeed in that file. It appears that the archiving is done
> before any spam filtering is done. In Julian's replies he states that
> "It gets archived into a "spam" subdirectory..." If this is the case,
> why is their spam in the archive files that would have definitely been
> filtered? Does the order of parameters in the MailScanner.conf file play
> into this? Do I perhaps have the archive mail parameter in an incorrect
> place?

Julian is talking about the quarantine which is separate from the
archive. Both are mainly used to debug things so they should contain
all mail in its original form, otherwise it would be useless when
trying to solve a problem.


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