FOSS, Science, and Public activism

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Wed Jul 5 02:49:17 IST 2006

Well said. Best post so far.

I'm archiving this thread next to "mailscanner causes swap" and "it's 
bad to use MailScanner with postfix because Wietsev Enema said so!"...


Chris Sweeney wrote:
> Only your speech has no place here in this forum.  This is a forum for 
> supporting MailScanner and not your soap box.  What you are saying is 
> its ok to SPAM if it applies to some people.  Well that makes it ok 
> for everyone to SPAM here.  Let the present of the US come here and 
> talk about war, its ok then it applies to some people here.  Let the 
> bankers come here and post about banking problems today, that applies 
> to most everyone here we all use banks, oh and lets not leave out the 
> oil company's, they deserve a place here to post why they think they 
> are not taking us to the cleaners on oil prices!  Keep your posting's 
> where they really belong because all you have done here is draw 
> support away from what you wanted us to support.  Take your 
> "expression" and post it on the list you moderate and don't subject 
> people trying to support a product to your whim.
> Good day sir and good riddance.
> proclus at wrote:
>> On  4 Jul, Anders Andersson, IT wrote:
>>> I second the opinion to keep the list clean from 
>>> "SPAM" 
>> Clearly I am arguing that the label of spam should not be used to quell
>> expression.  As a list moderator of several lists, I know what spam
>> is, and it is usually dealt with automatically, but that process must
>> not exclude legitimate speech, which could quell discussion in our
>> forums.  I've seen that happen too, and it is a really a shame to see a
>> good forum go dark.
>> Regards,
>> proclus
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> Thanks Chris
> Check me out!
> Finally setup a account
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