Best Way to Control Relaying?

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Mon Jul 3 21:08:17 IST 2006

He wrote off list to say he already finished working the problem. It's 
an MTA issue - not a MailScanner issue. When he said "restart sendmail" 
he meant "restart all the stuff that has to do with it", meaning 
MailScanner (and, in turn, MailScanner's sendmail instances were 
restarted by MailScanner itself).

Basically he was trying to undo some of the configuration mistakes he 
had made that had turned his server into an open relay, since sendmail 
isn't one by default anymore.
> You stated above that you restarted sendmail, but sendmail should not be
> started by itself. It should be stopped from starting in any init scripts, and
> MailScanner will start it.

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