Upgrading from 4.37 (I know, I know, it's OLD)

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Jan 27 23:01:37 GMT 2006

Diane Rolland spake the following on 1/27/2006 12:56 PM:
> I want to upgrade my older MailScanner version to (probably) the latest
> stable.
> I would be using the rpm installation for RedHat.  So, normally, I'm
> comfortable with that type of upgrade.
> My concern is that since my version is SO old, is there anything I need to
> look out for in upgrading to the latest?  I'm using pretty standard rulesets
> (whitelist, blacklist, archive, non.spam.actions).
> So, any insights on what I should look out for would be greatly appreciated.
> For those of you who also subscribe to mailwatch-users, you are probably
> laughing out loud at my question...  My mailwatch upgrade from 0.5.1 --> 1.0
> --> 1.03 on my MailScanner 4.37 version wasn't exactly smooth...  My
> GREATEST THANKS goes to Steve Freegard who helped me through it.  Steve, you
> Thanks,
> Diane
> p.s.  And, yes, I do have the book; (I've purchased the last two revisions).
This upgrade, might negate some of the changes you had to make to get this
working in the first place.
Some of the code that Steve had you comment out can be uncommented.
I would recommend you run the install.sh script in the rpm install tarball,
and I have attached quick and dirty script to back up your current
configuration before you start. It isn't hard to follow, and allows you to
quickly go back if need be.


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You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!
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