individual spamassassin score thresholds

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Tue Jan 24 19:49:38 GMT 2006

Michael Masse wrote:
> I tried looking in the archive for an answer but the link is to the old
> server which just says the archive is not available.    Is there a new
> url?
> We have been running mailscanner for years now totally separate from
> spamassassin (using spamc/spamd) so that users could have their own
> adjustable black/whitelists as well as individually adjust their spam
> threshold score.    In the past we've been able to just throw more
> hardware at the server in order to cope with the increased utilization
> that this setup uses.  Recently our email volume has gotten to the point
> that new hardware isn't going to cut it, so I'm seriously looking at
> running MS in the suggested method and have it make it's own
> spamassassin calls.    I see in the documentation that if I were to
> switch the config to do this I can still allow users to have their own
> individual white/blacklists, but can't find anything about individually
> adjustable spam score thresholds.    Is this possible?
You need to read up about rulesets. Using this you can given virtually 
any configuration option (including the Required SpamAssassin Score) a 
different value for different users, domains, groups of users, whatever.

This is documented well on the wiki at It is also 
documented with examples in the MailScanner Book.

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