Change default Lock Type for sendmail ?

Julian Field MailScanner at
Mon Jan 23 17:57:35 GMT 2006

Pentland G. wrote:
> mailscanner-bounces at wrote:
>> Can't the output of  "sendmail -d0.13 -bt </dev/null | grep FLOCK" be
>> used? 
>> My 8.12 box returns a line, my 8.13 doesn't........
> As echoed elsewhere... this may OK on Linux but on BSD/Solaris it is not
> reliable...
> I think that whatever the "default" is it should be well documented and
> set up so that if it is not set by a human then MS will not start...
> maybe have it as a question in
> ./
> ...
> ...
> Are you using flock (yes/no)? 
>  * if you don't know what this means then type "no".
> Just another maybe, and the Solaris/BSD people will be less likely to
> get caught out.
But the Solaris people tend to know more what they are doing. As it 
stands with flock being the default, the people caught out are the 
people who predominantly know the least (the Linux point-and-click 
crowd). With the default being posix, the people caught out are the 
people who know a lot more.

I have never asked the users before which to go for, and it hasn't 
generated many problems, so I don't see this as a huge issue really. The works everything else out for itself, I don't want to make it 
interactive if I can possibly avoid it.

Julian Field
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