weird priblems with server

Nilesh Shastrakar nilesh.shastrakar at
Mon Jan 23 05:45:13 GMT 2006


Today I am facing some weird problem with my mail server.
some mails I have received which is not maked to me in To,CC,or in  BCC,
I personally phone called to users who sent mail to me and asked about that
mail but he said
he has not send me that mail, the mail contains some confedential
containts, also same problem happend with other users.
could any one please help me how to fix this problem or tell me what would
be the reason.
also I have checked its not a spam mail. it is send to other users but I got

I am using

Fedora Core 4 with Kernel 2.6.14
Senamil 8.13.4-2
MailScanner 4-45.4-1
Clamav 0.87

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