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Ken Goods KGoods at
Wed Jan 18 19:41:43 GMT 2006

Lance Haig wrote:
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> Guys I have hit a snag.
> I have configured a new set of domains and have configured the
> mailertable
> relay-domains
> I have added the domains to the access file
> domain	RELAY
> and the sending IP of the mailserver
> ipaddress	RELAY
> When I try to send a mail to a domain outside the Mailscanner machine
> it says relaying denied.
> I have tried this command on the access file
> makemap hash /etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access
> but is still does not want to allow the mailserver to relay e-mail.
> What am I missing guys
> I am using sendmail
> Thanks
> Lance

I'm by no means a sendmail expert but thought I'd take a quick look at my
config for you.

In my access file I have:

localhost.localdomain           RELAY
localhost                       RELAY                       RELAY

Then in my mailertable I have:

Then in my relay-domains I have:

I also have in my virtuser-domain:

although I don't know if this is absolutly necessary...

This works fine for me as I'm only using the MailScanner box to filter for
domains hosted on our exchange server.

Hope this helps...

Ken Goods
Network Administrator
AIA/CropUSA Insurance, Inc.

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