favicon.ico is missing???

James Gray james at grayonline.id.au
Tue Jan 17 23:10:10 GMT 2006

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 09:17, Matt Kettler wrote:
> Gerry Doris wrote:
> > I have been seeing large numbers of httpd errors in the
> > ssl_access_errors logs.
> >
> > These seem to indicate that a file called favicon.ico is not being
> > found and appear to be occurring when MailScanner is being accessed. 
> > I've located this file (or one by the same name) in several locations
> > but none of them have anything to do with MailScanner.
> >
> > Is favicon.ico used by MailScanner or MailWatch???
> No, it's used by browsers.. Pretty much every modern browser will request
> this file off a website when connecting.
> It's used to create those custom icons in your bookmarks/favorites list.
> You can ignore the errors, or create an icon file to put there.

Or to change the 404 error into a 200 response, simply "touch favicon.ico" 
in the document root.  That will serve up a zero-length file to the 
browser :)

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		-- Jean-Paul Sartre
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