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Peter Peters P.G.M.Peters at UTWENTE.NL
Wed Jan 11 09:08:54 GMT 2006

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Marcel Blenkers wrote on 10-1-2006 20:22:

> i am using OpenSuse (SuSE10) with sendmail.
>  Sendmail version 8.13.4
> After a reboot of the System, within the Mail-Log i can find a line like:
> Jan 10 20:17:20 s23 sendmail-in[4084]: unable to write pid to 
> /var/run/ file in use by another process
> but, connects via port 25 are possible.

In Suse it appears both the incoming sendmail and the queue processing
sendmail want to write in /var/run/ One of the two
complains but both still work.

> After typing: rcMailScanner restart there is the following within the 
> Maillog:
> Jan 10 20:19:07 s23 sendmail-client[4874]: starting daemon (8.13.4): 
> persistent-queueing at 00:01:00
> and no connects on port 25 are possible.
> Is there a way to change this behaviour?

I haven't seen this before. I use /etc/init.d/MailScanner restart but
rcMailScanner is just a link to that. So that should be no different.

I tried using rcMailScanner and I get this:
Jan 11 10:06:57 netlx094 sendmail-in[5416]: starting daemon (8.12.10): SMTP
Jan 11 10:06:57 netlx094 sendmail-client[5419]: starting daemon
(8.12.10): persistent-queueing at 00:30:00
Jan 11 10:06:57 netlx094 sendmail-out[5423]: starting daemon (8.12.10):
queueing at 00:30:00
Jan 11 10:06:57 netlx094 sendmail-out[5423]: unable to write
/var/run/ Permission denied

And I can connect to both localhost and de configured IP address for SMTP.

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