Nerijus Baliunas nerijus at USERS.SOURCEFORGE.NET
Wed Jan 11 08:03:50 GMT 2006


Now .wmf files are allowed, but .ico, .cur, .hlp are not. IMHO it should be
the other way around. So I suggest the following:
When new vulnerability is discovered, extensions should be added (.wmf
in this case) to filename.rules.conf. After some time (half a year?)
extensions, which are not so popular like .pif, .scr, .com, .bat should be
removed (comented out) - i.e. .ico and .hlp should be allowed now.
Because filename.rules.conf is most useful when new vulnerability
is discovered and not all antiviruses detect them (or not everyone is
upgraded), but it is quite safe to suggest that in a half year time
either antivirus software is updated or Windows systems are patched
(or both).


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