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On 24 Feb 2006, at 13:11, Paul Houselander wrote:

> Hi
> Ive set a ruleset as follows
> Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/scan.messages.rules
> In %rules-dir/scan.message.rules I have
> From:	user at	and To: * no
> To:	*	yes
> FromOrTo:	default	no
> When im sending an email from user at to  
> anyone at the
> message IS being scanned?
> Have I got the syntax wrong here?

Looks like the Scan Messages setting is an "all matches" rule. If any  
rule for this option says "yes" then the message will be scanned.  
What you are looking for is a "first match" rule so that it stops  
searching the rules after the first hit and uses that setting.

I went for "all matches" for this one on the basis that you normally  
want to tend towards scanning the message if any of the recipients  
match a rule that says yes. You only want to _not_ scan it if all the  
rules say no.

If you are prepared to apply a quick patch, edit /usr/lib/MailScanner/ 
MailScanner/ Find the line that starts with "ScanMail"  
and move it from the [All,YesNo] section into the [First,YesNo]  
section. Then restart MailScanner. "ScanMail" is the internal name I  
used when implementing the code for the setting that eventually got  
called "Scan Messages"; there is an internal to external translation  
table at the top of that file.

Having a feature like being able to break out of a ruleset if a rule  
matched would be helpful in situations like this, but I hate playing  
with the configuration compiler. It works very well and is roughly  
3000 lines of complicated code.

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