OT Advice for server reinstalation

Pavel Zichovsky zichovsky at trul.cz
Fri Feb 24 14:14:15 GMT 2006

Hi There!

My old RedHat 7 on server is comming to end of life, as some things are not working correctly (but vital services like mail server
and MS are still runing OK) so I am preparing for clean neew OS install on same (old) hardware.

HW is pretty old, it is PIII900 with 256MB RAM, SCSI HDDs on Mylex AcceleRAID 170 PCI RAID Controller (one RAID0 array)
(Yes, I know that 256MB is low, but it realy was enough in our enviroment, swaping occured only in rare occasions.) I can't get new
HW, have to use this one.

I am asking for advice which Linux distribution and products to use.

Distribution have to be completely free (fully downloadable from internet),
must be rpm compatible (or other packaging system, but rpm is preffered),
must support my old HW (with RAID card),
must be "admin friendly" as I am not "big linux guru".

Main Services which will be run on server (which are running also now)
POP3/IMAP (what to use here? Dovecot? Courrier? Something else?)

DHCP, DNS and firewall are running on other servers 

I am thinking of Fedora Core 4 distribution. But I am open for other suggestion from more knowlegeable people here.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

With regards
Pavel Zichovsky (zichovsky at trul)

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