Beta 4.51.1: "Add TNEF Contents"

John Wilcock john at
Thu Feb 23 07:44:53 GMT 2006

Julian Field wrote:
> > So I'm a bit confused.  With the latest MS TNEF attachments are
> > > disallowed by default.
> Due to a current security issue with TNEF handling in Microsoft code. 
> You may choose to disable this block. Hopefully Microsoft will fix this 
> issue pretty fast, it should be in an Office update.
> So this block is temporary, it's not intended to be permanently in there.

Does the new "Add TNEF Contents" do as its name suggests, i.e. add the 
attachments from within the TNEF but also leave the TNEF part there?

If so, how about changing things to (optionally?) *replace* the TNEF 
completely. That way no Microsoft code even gets to see the TNEF...


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