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Thanks for the reply guys. What I want to do is make the filtering on the
server side. I'm running imap so like yahoo/hotmail, junk emails will
automatically go to their 'junk' folder and users can access them either
with their client using IMAP or webmail.
So what do you think is better to do:
1. Just prepend the subject with like: Subject: Probable Spam <Original
2. Add an extra header like: X-Spam = Y/N
Then in either way, emails will be scanned and if found to be spam, will
go to the junk folder.
So you think the best way to filter this is thru procmail? Oh wait, I'm
using MySQL to auth users BTW.


> You may also be able to do this with MailScanner + a procmail script
> (someone please correct/enlighten me about something like this).
> Now that I think of it, could someone post a procmail recipe (or help
> with googling one from somewhere) that would automagically put
> everything that MailScanner marks as SPAM into a Junk folder?
> shuttlebox wrote:
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>>     Hello all. It's my first post.
>>     I haven't read all the docs on MailScanner yet because I want to
>>     make sure
>>     that what I am planning to do is possible. I've just been on this
>>     job for
>>     almost a month and I was assigned this project. What my boss wants
>>     is to
>>     redirect all spam mails intended for a select list of users' 'junk
>>     folder.' Much the same way as Yahoo and Hotmail.
>>     Can this be done thru MailScanner?
>>     Sorry again. I just need a quick answer before I delve into the
>>     mailing
>>     list archives and documentations.
>> If you mean a local junk folder in your mail client you need to set it
>> up with a filter, all mail clients can do that (Outlook/Thunderbird
>> and so on). MailScanner can add X-headers and/or changes in the
>> subject line ({Spam?} at the start) for it to trigger on. You can also
>> sort on spam score.
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