Beta 4.51.1: "Add TNEF Contents"

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Wed Feb 22 18:58:27 GMT 2006

Julian Field wrote:

> I have added a new option to allow the attachments contained within a
> Microsoft TNEF ("Outlook Rich Text Format") to be added to the normal
> attachments contained in the message.
> This means that non-Outlook users can still read the attachments put
> in the message by badly configured Outlook or Exchange systems.
> Please can you give this option a try. It is switched on by default.

So I'm a bit confused.  With the latest MS TNEF attachments are
disallowed by default.  Is this new feature taking a TNEF attachment and
rewriting it so that it's a normal attachment?  Do we need to rem out
the TNEF/RTF filtering in filename.rules.conf and filetype.rules.conf?

I'm dropping inbound TNEF laden messages, but it seems that people on
the outside are either slow learners or they can't get around their
admins/servers.  I've had people set their Outlook to plain text, but
still have it filtered. (Or so they told me.)  I suspect their Exchange
server is set to always send in RTF.  Kinda sucks.  Sooner or later I'll
probably have to open up the gates again...

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