Webmin module for MailScanner unavailable

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Wed Feb 22 18:55:11 GMT 2006

At 01:11 PM 2/22/2006, you wrote:

>Julian Field wrote:
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>>Chris Leahy wrote:
>>>Hello Mr. Field,
>>>I've been attempting to obtain the Webmin module for some time.
>>>The better part of a year actually. The webmin site says that the 
>>>module is GPL licensed, but I am unable to access the page.
>>>It requires authentication. Asks for a login and password to access the page
>>>in your link, which is the same link provided on the Webmin site.
>>>I have no credentials that will let me in and I cant find any information
>>>about how to gain access.
>>>I waited for so long simply because I can get by without it, but it would be
>>>nice to be able to manage it through webmin :-)
>>I don't know much about this, but someone on the list must be using it.
>>Can anyone else help out this gentleman for me please?
>Is that what you are looking for? Google for "webmin mailscanner 
>download", it's the forth hit.
The SourceForge link above will get you to the module that I use. 
Contrary to another post on this subject, this particular module is 
useful and usable.

The previous post referring to an unusable module is probably correct 
for the module he/she had, because I had that module and it trashed my configs.

Be aware that the 1.1.4 module linked above will not get at all the 
configuration options! You WILL need to get into the MailScanner.conf 
file yourself for some tweaks; especially for newer options.

Also, be aware that eventually a newer version might cause this 
module to corrupt your configs.

That said, it still works with 4.50 version.


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