MailScanner can't keep up

Drew Burchett drewburchett at
Wed Feb 22 18:06:43 GMT 2006

I have MailScanner 4.5 set up on Suse Linux 10.0 use
Postfix 2.2.3 as an MTA.  Messages are being received
fine, but MailScanner is choking on the volume trying
to process them.  According to MailWatch, I am
averaging receiving 700 messages per hour to be
scanned (tons more are being delivered, but filtered
by Postfix).  On average, MailScanner is reporting
taking about 900 seconds per 15 message batch.  I have
it limited to 10 child processes.  The server it is
running on is a 3.0 Ghz with 512 Mb memory and a 40Gig
SCSI hard drive divided into three partitions.  If you
need any other informaiton to help me diagnose this
problem, please let me know and I'll be glad to post it.

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