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> Hello all. It's my first post.
> I haven't read all the docs on MailScanner yet because I want to make sure
> that what I am planning to do is possible. I've just been on this job for
> almost a month and I was assigned this project. What my boss wants is to
> redirect all spam mails intended for a select list of users' 'junk
> folder.' Much the same way as Yahoo and Hotmail.
> Can this be done thru MailScanner?
> Sorry again. I just need a quick answer before I delve into the mailing
> list archives and documentations.

If you mean a local junk folder in your mail client you need to set it up
with a filter, all mail clients can do that (Outlook/Thunderbird and so on).
MailScanner can add X-headers and/or changes in the subject line ({Spam?} at
the start) for it to trigger on. You can also sort on spam score.

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