reject message for single address

Dave dmehler26 at
Wed Feb 22 08:02:27 GMT 2006

    My question on rulesets is i am uncertain as to how to point to a file? 
The information i want to send back is much longer than a single line. So it 
would be a ruleset like:
to: support at filename
    which i'm hoping would send the file. I've googled but don't see a 
method for invoking a file.

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> Please read up about rulesets, this will let you do exactly what you
> want. They are well documented in all the different sources of
> documentation. That includes the book, which I am sure you will find
> very useful.
> Dave wrote:
>> Hello,
>>     I've got a situation where an email address for a domain which was
>> previously monitored now needs to send back an autoreply message and
>> something more than a one-liner to anyone who emails it asking for
>> support. I looked in to sendmail's access controls, but think the
>> MailScanner reject message option would be better. Can i make reject
>> message work only for a single address or group of addresses and to
>> send back a message contained within a file?
>> Thanks.
>> Dave.
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