Slightly OT: switching from Postfix to Sendmail

shrek-m at shrek-m at
Sat Feb 18 19:59:30 GMT 2006

On 18.02.2006 19:41, John Jolet wrote:

>     That said, when I switched from sendmail to postfix with that
>     command, it failed to remove sendmail from the default runlevel start,

afair you can switch between sendmail, postfix, exim , ...without problems
# alternatives --config mta

>     and failed to put postfix in.  just make sure the correct mta is
>     running.

afaik you have to disable the mta  at least with sendmail
(i have no experiences with postfix and ms)

# chkconfig sendmail --list
# chkconfig sendmail off
# service sendmail stop

the default MailScanner.conf is ok out of the box with sendmail.
check your MailScanner.conf

eg. fc3  ms + sendmail
Run As User =
Run As Group =
MTA = sendmail
Sendmail = /usr/sbin/sendmail
Sendmail2 = /usr/sbin/sendmail

# service MailScanner restart

and check if all is ok


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