MailScanner won't notify recipients when quarantine messages/attachments

Paul R. Ganci ganci at
Fri Feb 17 04:52:17 GMT 2006

Glenn Steen wrote:

>On 16/02/06, Paul R. Ganci <ganci at> wrote:
>What do you have "Still Deliver Silent Viruses" set to? "Silent
>Viruses"? That combination of settings is what handles delivery of
>"cleaned" messages (as opposed to settings regarding
Silent Viruses = HTML-IFrame All-Viruses
Still Deliver Silent Viruses = no

It has been like this for quite a while, so I don't appreciate why this 
should have caused a change of behavior

>I'm not grinning. Don't do that. Or ask yourself "Do I want to be part
>of the problem";-).
I know that is why it was set to no. I tried an experiment.

Paul (ganci at

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