More 4.50.15 woes on FreeBSD - Update

Koopmann, Jan-Peter Jan-Peter.Koopmann at
Thu Feb 16 18:31:08 GMT 2006

On Thursday, February 16, 2006 2:40 PM TCIS List Acct wrote:

> effect it is a "clean" box.  I'll keep experimenting though.  On your
> setup, how much mail does your box process per day, and what is the

My own box is pretty small. Just a few thousand mails per day. Customer
sites go up to a few ten-thousand mails per day.

> hardware specs on the box?  What is the avg load?  

Avg load is close to zero. :-)

> The problem
> essentially seems to be memory exhaustion, as 4.50.x seems to use far
> more memory than previous versions, and doesn't "clean up" as well.  

Might be. Maybe there is a leak somewhere. The only thing which still
puzzles me is that I had similar problems on my box (even with the low load)
going to 4.49 and upgrading the ports helped immediatly. In my case
MailScanner was working for a few minutes and then suddenly came to a stop
and crashed somehow. I never really debugged this to be honest, just
upgraded everything and once things started working again I was satisfied.

Sorry I cannot be of greater help. Ask Julian!

Kind regards,
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