queue problems

Philipp Snizek philipp.snizek at terreactive.ch
Wed Feb 15 15:26:10 GMT 2006

Hi all

I'm running here a mail system with exim4.6/MailScanner 4.49-7.1/SA 3.1
on a Suse 8.2 Linux. I have this behaviour:

Certain mails get scanned twice by MailScanner/SA. This seems to happen
when the load on the system is a bit higher, for example 5-15 mails are
waiting in the MailScanner queue. The headers of these mails get stuck
in the exim-out queue as lost files while the very same processed emails
get delivered normally. 

On a normal day this mail system has a load of 9000 emails.

Hardware most likely is not the issue here as the box is a Dual Xeon
2.4GHz with 1 GB Ram. Swap space is not used. 

Have you made similar experiences? 
If you have and you know a way out please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

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