My server is blacklisted by SpamCop again!

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Tue Feb 14 21:47:40 GMT 2006

Denis Beauchemin wrote:
> Hello all,
> What do you do when one of your servers gets listed by SC because it
> sent an email to one of their spam traps?  It happened to one of my
> servers last Friday and it happened again with a different server today!

Any chance that server is a forwarder for inbound mail?

If so, does it verify the user exists before accepting the message? Or does it
queue and let it bounce when it tries to forward the message?

> What's most frustrating is the fact that they don't give me any
> information I could use to pinpoint the PC that sent this through my
> server :-( !  And my servers NEVER send out SPAM because I reject it
> (only internal servers do this, don't flame me ;-) )

There's NOTHING wrong with rejecting spam (ie: generating a 550 at the end of
the SMTP DATA phase).

Only post-delivery bouncing (ie: generating a DSN and sending it to the
Return-Path) is a bad idea for spam.

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