More 4.50.15 woes on FreeBSD - Update

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Mon Feb 13 14:45:47 GMT 2006

Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:

> Oh we all agree that something in the code triggers this. But the code
> itself clearly works since other people do not have these problems (me
> included). It must be something box specific. If you install perl
> modules by hand on FreeBSD you might have conflicts of port based perl
> modules and the ones you installed from CPAN. 

Again, this happens across 4 different boxes, so it isn't "box" specific.  I've 
tried installing the Perl modules both ways -- from BSDPAN and from the 
./ distro.

> I again strongly recommend that you use ports only on FreeBSD. The ports
> are proberly tested and contain many sometimes important patches. Try
> the current mailscanner port on a clean box or wait a few more days
> until 4.50 is commited to the ports tree. If you do this, you will not
> need which is not particularly FreeBSD aware.

I did install from ports (Perl, exim, etc), with the exception of MS itself 
which is not patched specifically for FreeBSD that I know of.

Perhaps the load on my boxes is greater than others, and this problem only shows 
up under heavy load?


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