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Glenn Steen wrote:
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>>> On 08/02/06, Alex Neuman van der Hans <alex at> wrote:
>>>>  True... you could set up a script that runs every so often and deletes
>>>> messages with X-Spam-Status: yes or something like that... right?
>>> Yeah, well... If one runs MailWatch one could use the nice things in
>>> the maillog table to identify the "affected" messages... But the
>>> "hairy" part is to script up the part that edits the mbox file(s) on
>>> the fly (and safely), so to speak. Or perhaps there are some
>>> not-that-invasive tool around that could help with that... Haven't
>>> really looked for something like that.
>> I'm sure there are more Perl modules for working with mailboxes but this one
>> look like it would do the heavy lifting.
>> Steve
> Seems to be only RO, so would perhaps not work... And there is the
> problem of rewriting an mbox that is getting appended to (by MS). All
> that would be simpler (as always:-) in a Maildir-ish environment... :)
> In a life with more time....

Look for Mail::Box::Manager on CPAN.  I use this a lot for manageing 
mailbox files, it even copes with locking.

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