MailScanner And Mailwatch no Virus detected ?

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Feb 9 08:52:08 GMT 2006

On 09/02/06, sysadm <jorgen at> wrote:
> Ishukor skrev:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have upgraded my MailScanner from 4.48.4-2 to version 4.50.15-1 and
> > Mailwatch 1.03 using fedora Core 4, Its running fine accept no viruses
> > was detected by mailwatch, I noticed that previously virus was mark
> > spam+virus but now just spam thats its why no viruses log appeared on
> > mailwatch is it a new feature? I really need the virus to be logged so
> > I can view the report.
> >
> > Thanks N Brgds.
> I have the exact same problem using RHEL4 exim 4.43, MailScanner
> 4.50.15-1 Mailwatch 1.03
> Regards Jørgen Giversen

Have you checked the setting of "Keep Spam And MCP Archive Clean" in
I presume that if you run (manually) an AV-scanner on the spam
quarantine, you get some virus hits? If the above is set to no, and
the quarantined messages aren't delivered anywhere (by a deliver of
forward Action), MailScanner will just keep them as spam...
And you have another situation, where "timing" might be responsible
for viruses residing in the spam quarantine... (A message is scanned
for viruses/spam, found to be spam and thus quarantined.... and later
an AV update pops in a new signature for the virus it contains, so a
subsequent scan of the spam quarantine will then detect the virus the
message actually contains....).
-- Glenn
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