MailScanner And Mailwatch no Virus detected ?

sysadm jorgen at
Thu Feb 9 08:13:21 GMT 2006

Ishukor skrev:
> Hi,
> I have upgraded my MailScanner from 4.48.4-2 to version 4.50.15-1 and 
> Mailwatch 1.03 using fedora Core 4, Its running fine accept no viruses 
> was detected by mailwatch, I noticed that previously virus was mark 
> spam+virus but now just spam thats its why no viruses log appeared on 
> mailwatch is it a new feature? I really need the virus to be logged so 
> I can view the report.
> Thanks N Brgds.
I have the exact same problem using RHEL4 exim 4.43, MailScanner 
4.50.15-1 Mailwatch 1.03
Regards Jørgen Giversen

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