global switch to set which domains ar scanned

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Wed Feb 8 22:23:53 GMT 2006


Joshua Hirsh wrote ..
> > I've got the following problem (it's similar to the problem 
> > I've posted before, but now I think I know what it is):
> > 
> > In the old version of our mailscanner there was the ability 
> > to switch all scanning of and on via ruleset:
> Hi Ingo,
>  Take a look at the "Scan Messages" configuration option. If you configure
> it with a ruleset, it will do what you're looking to accomplish.

Thanks a lot! But I don't have this conf option :) I've solved the problem with a ruleset for "Dangerous Content Scanning". Then it works...

>  I wouldn't refer to 4.41.3 as "new" though, as it was released in May
> of 2005. You should consider upgrading to the latest stable (4.50.15),
> as it has numerous speed enhancements and other new features/fixes.

It's the latest Debian Stable Version. Debian is somehow very conservative with new versions :)

Kind Regards, Ingo
>  Cheers ;-)
> -Joshua
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