Fun with fetchmail

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Feb 8 17:28:04 GMT 2006

Greg Borders spake the following on 2/8/2006 7:00 AM:
> Greets gang,
> I've just recently inherited a multibox POP3 account from one of my
> alternate domains that's currently being held on a hosted site. (I'd
> bring it in house... but it's a long story.)  I've got fetchmail polling
> it with a cron job, and it plops it into the sendmail inbound stream
> nicely, and MailScanner gobbles up all the junk just fine.  Sadly, 98%
> of it is junk, and I'd like to do some front end filtering, but it's not
> coming thru the normal SMTP channel.  Any tips on things I could add in
> that would lighten the load on my MailScanner?
> Greg Borders
> Sys. Admin.
> JLC Co.
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If it is on the same box, I think it would just move the load, not lighten it.
If the Fetchmail process was on another box, you could use mimedefang with
spamassassin and clam to kill a lot of it. Maybe you could do something at the
hosted site?
Maybe mention to them that these progs are available, and they could offer it
to their clients, increasing their value, and making them look like the hero
to them.


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