Update problems with SQLBlackWhiteList.pm and MS

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Wed Feb 8 00:05:38 GMT 2006

Mike Jakubik spake the following on 2/7/2006 3:11 PM:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> Mike Jakubik spake the following on 2/7/2006 2:54 PM:
>>> But I don't understand why when i add new entries it picks them up, but
>>> not when i delete them. Are you saying there is no way around this,
>>> other than to force a mailscanner restart after every update to the
>>> white/black list? This doesn't make sense to me, why is there a timer in
>>> the script and why is the database re-read then? Could you provide more
>>> details?
>>> Thank you.
>> The timer in the script reloads the configuration every 15 minutes in the
>> default. But sometimes the running children might not see the changes
>> until
>> they die off. It shouldn't happen, but it does. It might just be the
>> children
>> that already have a batch picked up. There is a patch floating around
>> to have
>> the list read from the database through the socket, and not into
>> memory, but I
>> haven't tried it, and since I don't usually remove entries that often, I
>> haven't seen the need to try it.
> Right, and you would expect MS to behave accordingly, but it does not.
> In fact i can 100% replicate the problem, when you add an entry, it gets
> read in and works fine, when you delete one, it stays in memory until
> the child is killed. This on an idle test system, so no children are
> busy. It just seems weird to me that it reads in new entries, but keeps
> old ones. As if some variable was not being cleared. Could you kindly
> point me to the location of this patch?
> Thanks.
This patch was created by Dennis Willson;


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