Update problems with SQLBlackWhiteList.pm and MS

Mike Jakubik mikej at rogers.com
Tue Feb 7 23:23:27 GMT 2006

Dennis Willson wrote:
> The timer is to cause a re-read of the data in the database. 
> SQLBlackWhiteList.pm reads the data from the database and puts into 
> memory for use. The timer causes it to dump the old data and read in 
> the new data. Also if MS stops and restarts it will cause 
> SQLBlackWhiteList.pm to re-read.

Yes, i understand that. What i am saying though is that the re-read data 
is not really whats in the database. It still matches stale entries that 
are NOT in the database. In any case, i as i mentioned before, i 
disabled the timer, so the entries are always re-read.
> I got around this by writing my own SQLBlackWhiteList.pm that always 
> goes directly to the database. I see no reduction in performance 
> (although if I ever reached 100% load there probably would be), It 
> uses a lot less memory (SQLBlackWhiteList.pm uses one "block" of 
> memory for each entry in each list times the number of MS threads. 
> Which means that if you have 100 entries in your Black/White lists and 
> 10 MS threads, you use 1000 memory blocks. The entire list is 
> duplicated in memory for each MS thread). It also allows for "instant" 
> updates.
> Dennis

Any chance of you sharing this code?

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