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DAve dave.list at
Mon Feb 6 05:18:58 GMT 2006

Richard Siddall wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>>I'm sorry but I have no intention of supporting qmail in MailScanner.
>>Nothing personal :-)
> Could I ask why?  (Several reasons spring to mind, such as:
> 1/ OpenProtect already does a good job.
> 2/ Julian likes qmail less than Postfix.

Software wars, when I leave the internet business. I'll not miss the 
software wars.

> 3/ Julian's overworked and doesn't want to take on another MTA
> 4/ There's no way of adding another MTA to Julian's test setup
> 5/ qmail's even less compatible with the dual-queue approach than Postfix.

Why would that be? The "basic" premise of MS is an MTA delivers to 
queue-A, MS picks up from queue-A, processes, delivers to queue-B, an 
MTA picks up from queue-B and processes the resulting message. I know of 
several instances of people running two qmail queues on the same server. 
Run the outbound qmail process on another port or IP and the only 
problem would be teaching MS how qmail's queue is structured. (HA! 
Listen to me, like I could write the code to do that!!!)

> 6/ Julian relies on other people to handle extra MTA's and nobody
> volunteered to handle qmail.
> and so on.)

Hmmm, I need another hobby right?..........

> Unfortunately, it looks like we'll be replacing our sendmail boxes with
> ones running qmail.  I'm looking at qpsmtpd to replace the qmail front-end.
> Regards,
> 	Richard Siddall

We were there, and did replace our Sendmail boxes with 
qmail/vpopmail/mysql. Love it. But I put MS in front of them running 
Sendmail and I have to say I have been completely happy with Julian's 
software. Looking back I think it was the best decision, as my AV and 
RBL work is completely seperate from my delivery boxes. I like the 
seperation it provides.

Someday, I will prod the company into actually giving *back* to the 
authors of all the opensource software we generate revenue with. Until 
then Julian has my wife and kids undying gratitude for allowing "Dad" to 
  sleep at night.


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