qf file left behind

Robert A. Thompson ucs_rat at shsu.edu
Sat Feb 4 16:01:53 GMT 2006

I searched through the list archive and found a post about mailscanner
leaving qf files in the mqueue.in folder, however didn't see any
response to it.  Is anyone else noticing this?   It is very rare under
normal circumstances for us, however after adding a set of mail gateways
in front of our primary mail server we decided to not virus scan or spam
scan anything coming from those two servers.  After adding a custom
ruleset to "Spam Check =" we are able to replicate this at an extremely
fast pace ( about 3 or 4 qf files a minute at least) and this is
happening on all the servers in the setup.

I'm willing to help troubleshoot and offer up any data needed to help
with this but not sure what is needed or how to acquire it at the
moment.  Anyone have any thoughts?

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