New speed benchmark

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Sat Feb 4 05:39:14 GMT 2006

On Sat, 4 Feb 2006, shuttlebox wrote:

> Is that with SA or just virus checking? I find that SA with all its 
> network checks adds a lot more time than the virus scan.

With SA it loads to 4 but it gave us too many false alarms so we disabled 
it, even when we ran it we disabled most checks, the only thing  it did 
was indicate spam content, we use qmail and sendmail to test RBL's etc, no 
point in accepting the full msg passing it to MS to reject/drop when we 
can reject on header only at MTA

But qmailscan has a bad habbit of not being able to handle alot of stuff 
gracefully, which is why I was after a clear cut guide on how to install 
MS on a qmail system,  because until the sendmail consortium can produce a 
copy of sendmail that works identical to qmail in relation to like with 
vpopmail for virtuals there is no beating that combination, be it for 
visp's or hosting.



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