mailscanner and perdomain white and blacklists

Dave dmehler26 at
Thu Feb 2 17:09:49 GMT 2006

Hi Julian,
    Thanks for your reply. I haven't had a moment yet to check out that 
boxes mailscanner.conf except except just a quick overview of the 
mta-specific settings. Can the spam whitelists and blacklists be used on a 
perdomain basis? For example, i've got and The user 
at wants a user added to his spam whitelist while the user at wants a spammer added to his spam blacklist. Ideally i believe 
these users at domain 1 and 2 .com want independent lists.
Thanks a lot.

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> On 1 Feb 2006, at 23:32, Dave wrote:
>> Hello,
>>    I've got a mailscanner install with sendmail. It's working fine
>> and it's working for multiple users. Now i'm getting requests from
>> user a to add a username/domain to a blacklist file and user b to
>> add another username/domain to a whitelist file. These i'm thinking
>> should be separate as they are separate domains. This is on an fc4
>> box. Is this doable, any help appreciated.
>> Thanks.
>> Dave.
> Blacklist or whitelist in what sense? You basically just need a
> couple of rulesets, one for your blacklist and one for your
> whitelist. There is already a spam.whitelist.rules which you can use
> as a sample from which to create and use a spam.blacklist.rules file.
> Look in MailScanner.conf for spam.whitelist.rules and you will see
> how to refer a setting to a rules file.
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