Beta to latest stable suggestions

Steve Campbell campbell at
Thu Feb 2 14:44:24 GMT 2006

Mr. Field,

If you have time, and can elaborate on what the MW changes from 4.50-12 Beta 
to 4.50-15 might be, I would appreciate it. I was having some problems with 
MW after upgrading, mostly with the quarantine views, but was not able to 
track the problem down.

I will upgrade this afternoon, and there is no urgency to this at all. I 
have a work-around. The upgrade will tell me if it fixes the problem. The 
Changelog lumps all of the changes for 4.50 into one section, so I can't 
really tell the differences.

Thanks for any reply and no big deal if you deem this a waste of time.
Thanks for the superb efforts you always seem to provide!

Steve Campbell
campbell at
Charleston Newspapers

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> Steve Campbell wrote:
>> I had installed the 4.50-12 Beta last week to get the latest 
>> configuration file changes. Is there any reason to upgrade to the latest 
>> stable?
> If you want to use MailWatch, then yes. There are a few other things too. 
> It will be a painless upgrade.
>> Should I have changed the "Minimum Supported Status" in the conf file to 
>> 'Beta' for the Beta release, and what are the results of not doing so if 
>> I should have changed this?
> No, leave that set to Beta or Supported.
> I'm going to remove that option altogether in the next release, it's 
> worthless now.
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