ALL_TRUSTED problems

Richard Edge Edge at
Thu Feb 2 01:08:58 GMT 2006

Nope, it gives no errors there either. With the -D option is gives me
the same information as previous. Another odd thing is that -D --lint
seems to respond to changes of "use_pyzor 0" to "use_pyzor 0" and back
as does "use_dcc 0" to "use_dcc 1". The -D --lint turns these functions
off and on as they should but I don't see any reference to these tests
in the maillog either.  

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On 01/02/06, Richard Edge <Edge at> wrote:
> If I change the line:
> To:
> Then the output from "spamassassin -p /etc/mail/ --lint"
> gives me a:
> [22778] warn: config: failed to parse line, skipping: core ALL_TRUSTED

> 0 [22778] warn: lint: 1 issues detected, please rerun with debug 
> enabled for more information
<me grasping at straws:-)>
Um, does it carp if you don't specify "-p /etc/mail/ "
too? You shouldn't need use it as a preference file</me grapsing at
straws:-)> anymore, since it should be part of the site rules... A plain
"spamassassin --lint" should suffice.
</me grasping at straws:-)>

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