ALL_TRUSTED problems

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Thu Feb 2 00:59:23 GMT 2006

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 01/02/06, Richard Edge <Edge at> wrote:
>> If I change the line:
>> Score ALL_TRUSTED 0
>> To:
>> Then the output from "spamassassin -p /etc/mail/ --lint"
>> gives me a:
>> [22778] warn: config: failed to parse line, skipping: core ALL_TRUSTED 0
>> [22778] warn: lint: 1 issues detected, please rerun with debug enabled
>> for more information
> <me grasping at straws:-)>
> Um, does it carp if you don't specify "-p /etc/mail/ "
> too? You shouldn't need use it as a preference file</me grapsing at
> straws:-)> anymore, since it should be part of the site rules... A
> plain "spamassassin --lint" should suffice.
> </me grasping at straws:-)>

Erm, what on earth is doing in /etc/mail/??

it belongs in /etc/mail/spamassassin or /etc/spamassassin, or some other
directory containing the word "spamassassin" depending on how your SA is configured.

Realistically you should *NEVER*, EVER under any condition use -p to point to
any site-level file. It should only point to a user level file. is NOT a user level file.

The whole reason was created was to ensure it was NOT used as a
user prefs file. contains options that are ONLY valid at the
site-wide level. Do NOT pass this -p. It belongs in the SA site-config directory
so SA always parses it, and to make sure that SA correctly parses it.

If it's not in the site config directory, SA won't parse it when mailscanner runs.

New versions of Mailscanner do NOT pass as a user prefs file,
thus by adding -p you are changing the behavior of spamassassin to be different
than what Mailscanner does with it.

I know this is contrary to how old versions of MS worked. In old versions,
spam.assassin.prefs.conf was passed as a user_prefs replacement. However, This
file kept pushing options in which are only valid at the site level. It also
pushed options such as bayes_path which need to be passed to all instances of sa
on the system, such as sa-learn.

After some prodding, Julian finally created, a file to be placed
alongside and other site-wide config files. This way any call to SA
automatically parses this file.

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